Monday, 26 December 2011

Panic Attack Treatment for Everyone!

First and foremost for any panic attack treatment, one must consult a doctor. Only under an expert in the domain supervision, should you proceed to conduct any panic attack treatment. While there are many therapies and medications available on the market, here are a few common options for panic attack treatment:

Behavior Therapy

This therapy helps to gain control over an individual behavior. Here the individual learn to cope with difficult situations through controlled exposure to the problems. So that you can get back in charge and take control once again of your life.

Cognitive Therapy

This therapy works with changing unproductive or harmful thoughts to positive and constructive thinking... One learns to examine and distinguish realistic from unrealistic thoughts. Once again, as with the Behavior Therapy, the result achieved is that one gets back to controlling one’s life.

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT)

This therapy is widely used by therapists, often referred as CBT. The benefit of combining these two panic attack treatments is that the patient learns recovery skills useful for a lifetime. Relaxation technique is another panic attack treatment that helps the patient to cope with stress – stress being one of the main causes of panic attacks. Some such relaxation techniques include breathing training and exercise, such as yoga and Pilates.

There is always specific medication for panic attack treatment.
Medication is very effective and is often used in combination with some of the above mentioned treatments. However, always keep in mind to consult your doctor for any panic attack treatment

Panic attack treatment is conducted over a period of a few months. It is almost always effective, but, do not expect results overnight. Also, get your family involved, you will need all the support and love you can get. Love cures most any illnesses or so they say!

Like any other treatment – panic attack treatment, requires commitment and perseverance. Positive thinking; the will to succeed; the love for life are any time a good approach

Panic attacks are caused by stress and excessive worries which are a part of our day to day life unfortunately; so, do not neglect yourself or your dear ones. Leave your work at your work place and time to relax.

Panic attacks can be treated, just like any other disorder/illness. It is important to acknowledge and seek for help. Also if you see the symptoms in others, do not hesitate to inform them or their next of kin. Take charge of yourself, take charge of life!


  1. I had panic attacks for years and was very depressed. I used positive thoughts to remove myself from all the pain. I finally had such a bad year that I decided no matter what,' I was going to stop living in fear. It took many months and the action of me following my true life's passions before I was able to heal. It doesn't happen overnight. You may relapse like I did, but you can keep trying to change your life and be happier.
    Thank you for writing such an important post.

  2. I’m happy that there are cures for those who suffer of anxiety. I feel sorry for these ones. But it’s ok hearing that anxiety can be cured.